About the Company / Activity

JSC “National company “Astana EXPO-2017” activities are the following

  • organization and conducting of World’s Fair EXPO-2017 in Astana;
  • development and promotion of EXPO-2017 main theme “Future Energy”;
  • implementation of the content part of registration dossier regarding the matters of organization and conducting of World’s Fair EXPO-2017 in Astana;
  • attraction of the investment to the construction of EXPO-2017 facilities;
  • design and support of construction of the infrastructure and facilities of EXPO-2017;
  • securing the visitors and participants of EXPO-2017;
  • maintenance and utilization of EXPO-2017 facilities after World’s Fair EXPO-2017;
  • design, construction, extension, reconstruction, modernization and repair of another facilities;
  • implementation of investment;
  • facilitation of new technologies implementation in Kazakhstan;
  • facilitation of development of tourist industry in Kazakhstan and attraction of investment to the tourist infrastructure;
  • participation in research and development work and experimental design in the field of technology, technics and ecology;
  • participation in development and promotion of energy-saving technologies and providing ecological security of the JSC facilities;
  • development of new means of communication and providing communication services including fiber optic and satellite systems;
  • implementation of the lottery;
  • implementation of the logistics activity;
  • other types of activity not prohibited by the Republic of Kazakhstan legislation and those that correspond to the goals and activities of the JSC.

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