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Goldish Bronze: EXPO Team Won Third Place in Qazaqstan Qyzmet Cup

On August 13, the Astana Arena hosted final summer football matches of the Qazaqstan Qyzmet Cup-2019 among state bodies and quasi-public companies. Our EXPO Team triumphed over «Nur Otan»Party Team in this football match. Dostan Mukiat, Chief Manager of the Organizational and Personnel Department, did a brilliant quadruple; Galymuly Madi, Chief Manager of the Economics and Budget Planning Department, bagged a brace against «Nur Otan» Party; Sandykbayev Yernar, Chief Manager of the Construction Department, also scored a goal.

The victory in the final match and the defeat of KEGOC in the match against Kazakhstan Ministry of Health put our team up to third place in the overall standingsscoring and enabled the team to win bronze medals of the Cup.

This is a huge success for the EXPO Team, which participates in this championship only for the second time.

National Company’s employee Abdrakhmanov Altay was awarded the title of the Cup Best Defender.

The well-deserved third place enables our team to take part in the regional championship of the Qazaqstan Qyzmet Сup-2019, which will take place in Schuchinsk on August 16–18, 2019.


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