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Media Center / News archive / 2017 / What projects of EXPO-2017 will be implemented in Astana the next year

At the RK Government conference presided by Prime Minister Bakytzhan Sagintaev, Astana Mayor Asset Issekeshev told about the projects presented at the EXPO-2017 International Exhibition to be implemented in Astana in 2018.

Astana Mayor stakes mainly on intellectual projects of ‘smart lighting’, above-ground and underground geo-informational system and others. The major part of them will be implemented under public-private partnership modalities.

“The PPP project of ‘smart lighting’ will be implemented in 2018. It provides for implementation of intellectual management of urban lighting using sensors and Internet-of-Things. The project provides for replacement of 45 thousand city lanterns which will allow reaching of over 60 per cent saving and reduction of maintenance costs by 30 per cent,” reported Asset Issekeshev.

The lantern posts of ‘smart lighting’ will serve as infrastructure for all the sensors.

“11 types of sensors have been installed all over the city; these are electric power counters, sensors of water consumption, metering of inner reservoirs, sensors of traffic measuring and others. This project will also be implemented in 2018,” he marked.

The Big Data Open Source Project has been started in Astana.

“The project has been launched which allows support of decision adoption basing on processing of big volumes of data, which in its turn allows eliciting facts of illegal registration of inhabitants at early stages, planning of necessity of schools in pre-school institutions, ambulances and hospitals, planning of transport flows and rendering information to enterprises concerning needs in service sector,” said Asset Issekeshev.

The project functionality will be available by the end of the second quarter of 2018. Mayor also presented the geo-informational system GIS Astana.

“We have started development of the all the city layers digitalization system: both the above-ground and underground ones. The map-making materials in the system will be constantly renewed and available for the city inhabitants. As a result, availability, transparency and quality of rendered services will enhance in the sectors of land matters, architecture, construction, ecology, and also housing and utilities,” Asset Issekeshev assured.

Implementation of such projects as ‘Smart Medicine’, ‘Smart Education’, ‘Intellectual Transport System’ and ‘United Inhabitants Map’ are also planned.



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