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Media Center / News archive / 2017 / Kanat Bozumbaev: Over 55 new technologies from EXPO-2017 to be implemented in Kazakhstan

In the course of the RK Government conference presided by Prime Minister Bakytzhan Sgintaev, issues of implementation of technologies presented at the EXPO-2017 Exhibition were considered. Minister of Energy Kanat Bozumbaev and Minister of Education and Science Erlan Sagadied reported of their activities in this field.

According to Kanat Bozumbaev, the Ministry of Energy expert group selected 105 foreign and 28 national technologies demonstrated at the EXPO foreign and national pavilions.

The selection was made in the four lines:

  • oil and gas: 27 technologies,
  • coal industry: 7 technologies,
  • electric power, energy saving and RES: 63 technologies,
  • ecology (waste management, water treatment and air quality control): 36 technologies.

The list was directed to national and private companies, and the regional administrations for determining economic feasibility of implementation thereof in the regions, and also possibilities of adjustment thereof to local conditions. For maximum awareness of interested persons and organizations, the list of technologies with the developers’ contact information was placed on the Ministry of Energy website.

“As of today, administrations have selected 40 technologies for implementation; of them four will be implemented as soon as in 2018. National companies have selected 15 technologies for implementation; two of them will also be implemented in 2018,” clarified Kanat Bozumbaev.

Technologies in energy saving, water treatment, ‘smart grids’ and RES application at enterprises were selected.

In the field of oil and gas, 7 technologies were identified from Russia, the USA, China and Finland. In 2018, the Administration of Kostanay Region intends to implement the German gas analysis complex unit SGK-510 thanks to which consumption of gas will be reduced what will allow annual saving of about KZT 40 M.

In the line of “Electric Power”, 35 technologies were determined of which the administrations selected 26. For implementation in 2018, the Administration of North Kazakhstan Region selected the Chinese technology of construction of autonomous stations for free-of-charge recharging of mobile phones. The technology will allow reduction of electric power costs and load on environment. The Regional Administration has already come to an agreement with the Chinese Shenzhen Company on delivery of the equipment.

In the line of “Ecology”, the administrations selected 10 technologies in treatment of domestic and industrial liquid waste, and also air quality control and waste management systems.

According to Minister of Education Erlan Sagadiev, “the EXPO-2017 International Exhibition had given a mighty impetus to generation of new ideas in Kazakhstani science, transfer of technologies and development of education.”

“The Exhibition was visited by officers of 55 universities and scientific research institutions of the Ministry. Over 100 meetings and negotiations were held with representatives of the participant countries. 9 memoranda of cooperation were signed. The universities reached over 20 agreements of bilateral cooperation,” reported Erlan Sagadiev.

Contacts of scientists of Kazakhstani research institutions and universities with their foreign colleagues, universities and companies became more proactive. Now, the national science conducts preparation and implementation of 25 scientific research projects and programs aimed at development of ideas and technical projects of EXPO-2017.

“At implementation of scientific-technical programs of 12 large scientific projects and programs, and also 89 projects financed by grants, the basic source of themes have been the ideas of EXPO-2017,” clarified Erlan Sagadiev.

Upon debriefing, Prime Minister Bakytzhan Sagintaev instructed the regional administrations to move to the stage of practical implementation of projects in application of new technologies.



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