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Since June 10 and within the three months of the EXPO-2017 Exhibition activity, the “Astana Contemporary Art Center” Pavilion will acquaint visitors with various contemporary art movementsin an educational form. The Program of Art Center is oriented at the broadest audience.

     For development of the line of events at the Pavilion, engaged were the Association of National Museums of France and Grand Palais, and Museum of Contemporary Art ‘Garage’.  

     At the first floor of the Pavilion, exhibitory and educational projects will be displayed developed together with the ‘Garage’ Museum. At the lecture hall, strings of lectures and discussions will take place dedicated to art market, contemporary practices of mentorship and publishing business. 300 film exhibitions are also planned dedicated to contemporary art. The films will be demonstrated in Kazakh, English and Russian languages with subtitles.

     Daily, children’s and family educational programs will be available which will assist in development of children’s creative talents and out-of-box thinking, and broaden horizons thereof. A library of contemporary art will also be opened for everyone.

     With participation of the ‘Garage’ Museum, an inclusive program will be presented granting handicapped people a possibility to visit the Pavilion exhibitory and educational programs. For acoustically challenged people, excursions will be offered with translation into finger-speech. For visitors with intelligence peculiarities, didactic materials and visual teach-ware have been prepared allowing easy digestion of materials. Excursions for blind and visually challenged people will be accompanied by audio description and use of tactile models.

     At the second floor, the Exhibition “Artists&Robots” will be presented with participation of 17 contemporary artists from 13 countries. Grand Palais will publicly reveal the best samples of media art: a robot painting from life, a sculptor-robot, video art; many works will be created in real-time mode and engage the audience in the process of creative interaction.


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